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It's been a while since I've posted a blog on my website and believe me, not because I had nothing to post. Life got in the way and I've been only posting on my business Facebook page ( for a while now. But I will correct that and will try to catch up with all the posts! For now, here's a blog post from my recent session. This sweet girl was celebrating her 4th birthday while her mama is expecting triplets!!! Yes, triplets ;). What a lucky girl. She was so full of energy and her favorite thing was blowing dandelions and picking up tall grass and really any kind of flowers. She even gave me some while I was taking pictures of her. She's such a sweetheart and I can't wait to photograph her siblings ;). Here are some pictures from our session. Enjoy!

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The C Family Finally I found time (after our recent trip to Disney World, which by the way deserves a blog post on its own - maybe coming soon) to write up a blog post about the fun session I had a couple of weeks ago with the C family. Right after the beginning of the session, they all started playing together and goofing around and I just could not stop shooting. I was definitely having a hard time choosing the pictures to edit as I ended up with so many that I loved! As much as I love taking beautifully posed pictures, it is also important to capture the essence of the family through their interaction and playing. Could not have asked for a better session! Hope you'll enjoy the pictures too ;)




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Gorgeous Sisters Loved loved loved editing pictures from this session! Could these two sisters be any more gorgeous? Big sister P was like a pro in front of the camera and did not stop smiling. She was so gentle with her little sister and she loved taking pictures with her. A real photographer's dream! And did you see how gorgeous little sister's C hair is? It is all natural and it's absolutely breathtaking. We decided to skip the hair bows not to overshadow the beautiful hair. My heart was swelling with all that cuteness. Definitely a session to remember!

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Three Hansome Brothers The blog post is finally here! A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to photograph these three little boys which are all under age 5. While we had lots of fun taking the pictures, I won't deny that it was a challenge to capture those beautiful smiles. Nevertheless we all had fun and you can see especially in the "group" pictures how silly these little boys can be ;). Sometimes capturing the true essence of the friendship is more precious than the "perfect" smiling picture.

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Gorgeous Little Baby Boy C Wow. Just wow! Loved photographing little baby boy C. He was just gazing at my camera (and mommy ;) with his incredibly big and beautifully blue eyes the entire time. And was he gorgeous. He was so curious to see what was happening around him that it was hard to make him giggle. But he showed us his true personality through all those funny faces! Check out these pictures below and see for yourself how much fun I had photographing this little boy ;).

This picture was taken between the sets (you can tell I could not put my camera down, I was so fascinated with his blue eyes ;) and look at that cute face he gave me:

The most eligible bachelor is thinking about his choices ;)


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Welcome Newborn Baby N! A couple of weeks ago, I got the opportunity to photograph a 5-day new baby boy N. I was really excited and I absolutely loved snuggling this little boy. Just watching him to relax and sleep was so precious. Baby N was a champ and did great in my home studio. Here are some pictures so you too can see just how cute he is!

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Will you be my Valentine? Happy Valentine's Day! Baby J came to my studio for Valentine pictures and I could have not asked for a better model. He loved the camera from the beginning, but when he saw his grandparents enter my studio, he broke into laugh and giggles. It was amazing to watch the love and comfort he showed when cuddled in their arms. It's moments like these that remind me why I fell in love with photography in the first place. I love capturing these special moments. Moments are fleeting, but photography makes them stay around for a long time. Here are some of my favorite images and I hope you'll enjoy them too.

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Brotherly love - G & L How I love these two active little boys! They were so active that it was definitely a challenge to make them sit for at least couple of seconds. They would run around and away from the set wanting to play :). Their mommy and I had to get really creative to make them sit for us - think making loud and funny noises/faces, shaking loud rattles and even bribing (yes, bribing with chocolate and other yummy and fun things ;). And I think we succeeded with our entertainment, because I just love the pictures I captured. Here are some of them and I hope you'll enjoy them too!



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Beautiful baby girl P

A couple of days ago I had the opportunity to photograph this adorable baby girl P. She is 8 months old and wow, what a little beauty she is. She made my job way too easy with her constant smiles and giggles. I think she is one of the happiest babies I've ever met. She was a natural and loved the camera. Here are some of the images from our fun session. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! Have a beautiful day ;)


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Going Urban I love finding new interesting locations for my sessions and when this family asked for something more urban, I was excited to go for a new location hunt. We ventured into this beautiful urban area close to downtown Cincinnati, which offers a lot of character. Despite the already cooling weather, the boys kept warm by running around. And while we found a safe place for them to run, I managed to take some "mommy-daddy" pictures. I love taking these for the parents. After the children are born, they often become the focus for the family and the parents have no or little time left to themselves. Taking these pictures is a little celebration of the special moments between mom and dad. Here are some of the pictures I'd like to share with you.

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